Thirsty Thursday!!

I can remember many days back in college when days like today would be less productive back when we used to pre game at this time for thirsty thirsty, but shit. Times have changed hahaha, boys out here doing it different but honestly i was salty because after a good nights sleep of rest, finally, I woke up finding out that it was Margarita Day. Funny shit, I don’t even drink anymore but if you’re reading this I hope you pour one up for me one time! Anyways, todays Hot Topic of the Week is going to be about future updates. With this is my first post of many to come, I got a alot of dope new content coming very soon from music, to some playlists, and new beats! fuck with me on my website as I will be adding some shit as I take y’all along about my journey, we gon experience a whole new world together! Bless – RAM

p.s. I wanted to add that I don’t believe in time so each hot topic of the week could be 3 weeks, 4 months, 30 years, etc. hahaha you get what I mean.

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